Newly Launched “Audition” Show

AuditionLogoLast Tuesday, we had the opportunity to experience one of P-town’s exciting new shows in town, Audition. Taking place every Tuesday at 10:00 all summer, this is a fun and creative opportunity for people to showcase their talents for the chance to win a $500 prize. For the opening night, we were dazzled with singers, interpretive dancers, drag acts and more!

Hosted by legendary drag superstars, Kevin Aviance and Marti Gould Cummings, the show begins with a professional performance from one of these two that gets the energy flowing right away for the audience. Throughout the show, this pair provides teaching commentary to the performers as well as some comical excerpts. Half the fun is their feedback!

You don’t want to miss out on this variety show delight that is sure to be all the rave in P-town this season. Each week is a unique show with new entertainers. Some will make you laugh, some will give you a surprise!

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