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Renting a Bike in Ptown


One of the easiest and most fun ways to get around Provincetown is on bike! You can rent a bike by the hour, day, week, or even month from about half a dozen places around town. Enjoy riding around town and back to Cape Colony Inn which is less than a ten minute bike ride from the center of town! Also, make sure you check out the bike trails that feature stunning photo opportunities.


Rates vary year to year and a bit from place to place but here are the average starting prices of bikes based on time period:

For an adult bike which are typically 24 speed with suspension, rates are around $12 for 2 hours, $20 for a full day, $94 for the week, and about $250 for the month. They typically include free locks and helmets as well as maps to show you where to go.

Where to Rent

There are a variety of places in town but 3 of our favorites are:

Gale Force Bikes @ 144 Bradford Street Ext. 508.487.4849

Ptown Bikes @ 42 Bradford Street 508.487.8735

Arnold’s @ 329 Commercial Street 508.487.0844

Make sure you plan in advance especially during the busy season as bikes do rent out!